Common Slot Strategy: Choose A Game With The Most Multipliers

In the world of slot games, players who want to level the playing field and have a better shot at winning should focus on multiplier slots. They’re usually pretty common in most casino games, but players who don’t want to do a lot of research can easily overlook them. Keeping an eye out for common multiplier slots will give you a greater chance of winning.

What Are Multiplier Slots?

Multiplier slots are any online slots that feature an additional bonus multiplier that goes beyond the standard jackpot payout. That bonus multiplier can be applied to any win your spin produces, so you could win more than the standard jackpot amount.

If the bonus multiplier is 2x, for example, you’ll win double the standard amount. If the bonus multiplier is 3x, you’ll win triple the standard amount. And if it’s 5x, you’ll win five times the standard amount. The bonus multiplier is applied per spin and can be applied as many times as you get lucky and win. They’re a common feature in online slots and can greatly increase your potential winnings.

How Do Multipliers Work?

Usually, multipliers come in several varieties, the most common of which is the sticky wilds. The sticky wilds jackpot attaches itself to one of the symbols on the reels and then multiplies all wins by it.

So, if you get a combination of 10s and a sticky wild, for example, you’ll win 10 times the standard jackpot amount. The sticky wild also remains on the reels for future spins, so it can maintain its multiplier and continue to grow your total win. Other multiplier variations exist, but sticky wilds are the most common.

Which Games Have The Most Multipliers?

There’s no way to know for sure, but you can make some educated guesses based on common slot features. But the most common feature of multipliers is sticky wilds.

These wilds can stick to any symbol, and they can maintain their value if you get a new sticky wild. The sticky wilds are almost always on the middle reels, so you’re likely to get them if you’re playing the middle three reels.

How Can You Maximize Your Chances In Multiplier Slots?

To maximize your chances in multiplier slots, you’ll want to find games with sticky wilds and scatters. If you can find a game that combines the two, you’ll be in great shape. It’s also a good idea to stick to the middle reels when you play. If you can get those sticky wilds on the reels, you’re in incredible shape.